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Ferrous and non-ferrous waste



Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

The recycling of metals is of great importance because the characteristics of the recycled metals are almost the same as the original metals and, by recycling them, you are contributing to ensure that these elements do not go to dumps and landfills, thus protecting the environment.
Metals are divided into:
Ferrous metals: like iron; cast iron; plate; dirty sheet, new sheet.
Non-ferrous metals: the case of aluminum, lead, zinc, brass, bronze, old copper and new copper.


Ferrous Metals

They are considered ferrous metals when the main element in the alloy is iron. These materials are easy to work with, most machines, tools and structures are built with them, as well as installations that require high strength materials.


Non-ferrous Metals

These metals are lighter and more malleable than ferrous materials. As they do not contain iron in their composition, they are more resistant to oxidation and corrosion.We can easily find these materials in gutters, water pipes, covers and traffic signs. As they are also Non-Magnetic, they become perfect to use in small electronics and electrical wiring.